There’s no point setting out on a journey without some idea of your destination. A truism, I know, but let’s unpick it a bit. It’s not quite as linear as it seems at first. (more…)


This is where we get into the detailed work of looking at the current situation. The aim here is to get a clear picture of what’s really going on. The tools and techniques that are of value here are of many different types. A range of different tools are described below. As part of the bespoke service that we provide, we will often tailor a tool to fit your specific needs, or design one from scratch with you in mind. (more…)

Comprehend and clarify

What are the results of the diagnosis really telling us? How does this relate to our experience? Does it ring true? (more…)

Generate ideas

This is the fun bit. How could it be? What possibilities are there that we hadn’t considered before? Where are the interesting places to learn about this, or to get radically new insights? (more…)

Follow through

We classically underestimate the cost (in all senses) of this. Most change efforts fail at this stage. People either haven’t taken on board the true cost or else they are not prepared for the levels of resistance they will face.

Securing the change

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