Management consulting

Do you feel as if you are:

  • Doing all the right things, but not necessarily getting the right results?
  • Working with great people, and yet under-performing?
  • Struggling with a tangled mess of influences and controls?
  • Achieving too little for the amount of effort invested?
  • Achieving success despite what you do rather than because of it?
  • Simply feeling that something is in the way, something is missing?

In my work, I listen hard to the issues as you see and experience them, from all the relevant perspectives. I explore the mechanisms, explicit and tacit, which are employed to get things done. I unpick the layers of structure, culture, history and subtext to find where the issues really lie and to identify your best points of leverage to tackle them.

I look for points of friction and unnatural constraints, seeking out opportunities to simplify and streamline. I work with you to redesign where necessary to tackle the areas of dysfunction. I establish control points that will enable you to follow the changes through and ensure that they stick.

Why work with me?

Because I think differently.  Because I see past the established patterns in your organisation to develop new insights into how things can work most effectively.

People inside organisations are constrained by history, routine and industry practice to see things the way they have always seen them. It is very difficult without some external perspective to see what can usefully change and how things could be. And yet these same people are the experts in their own business. It is wrong to think that external wisdom and wizardry has all the answers. What is needed is to remove unnecessary constraints to people’s thinking and unblock the creativity within the organisation.

I am an expert in how organisations work and not an expert in your business. My role is to cause you to think differently about the way your organisation works and about the constraints and opportunities you face.

What do I do?

My work includes:

  • Strategic and operational health – getting to grips with organisational constraints and identifying what matters most. Bespoke structured/formal and informal/light touch assessments, and reporting on lessons learned.
  • Leadership team effectiveness – achieving powerful leadership through a well formed team of strong individuals. Creating a great model for team behaviour that can go viral.
  • Stakeholder insights – understanding what particular internal and external stakeholder groups really think, and how your relationship with them can best work. Especially working with supplier/client expectations and agendas.
  • In-house capability – designing and building programmes and processes specifically shaped to address the organisation’s needs. Providing training and support focused on growing the organisation’s capability.
  • Facilitation – managing the process and the dynamics so that you, the experts, can focus on the content. Making sure that everyone is given space to contribute, and that they work together to produce a result they can all own.
  • Personal effectiveness – working with key individuals to identify and resolve issues. Creating a safe space for leaders and senior executives to navigate change with confidence.

'How would you describe Hilary in three words?'

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