Time out

I need more friends who are late. Normally I’m the late one, so I miss out on the sudden space that opens up when someone else’s schedule breaks across mine. Here I am, away from the routine, space to think, cranial wheels spinning, slightly cursing because I only have my last-ditch mini-notebook with me, so I’m having to write in spider style – not natural. But then, on the umbrella and sunglasses principle, if I’d come prepared, David would have been on time.

There is definitely something about found time. I guess because the time has no other purpose, it is particularly fertile.

Now don’t try to tell me that the best way to find more time is not to be congenitally late. I just am. Given the opportunity to be early, I’ll find another couple of things
to fill the available time, and then be surprised when they take twice
as long. It is part of my identity. I can’t change it – it might change me.

I must find more late friends…

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