Amazing things people have said

Just so I don’t lose track of them, here is a random selection of some of the amazing things people have said so far at this year’s TED conference.

Jill Tarter, TED Prize winner and searcher for extra-terrestrial intelligence said:

The ascent of man has to go – it’s a sense of privilege the natural universe doesn’t share

Yann Arthus-Bertrand, photographer of the world from the air, and cataloguer of our impact on the earth, said:

It’s too late to be pessimistic

Bonnie Bassler, molecular biologist and ace communicator of bacterial communication processes said:

We have 10 times more bacterial cells in us and on us than human cells – we are 10% human and 90% bacterial

Golan Levin, audio-visual artist and software engineer, and creator of the amazing double-taker, said:

The (computer) mouse is probably the narrowest straw you can try and suck human expression through

Elizabeth Gilbert, the writer, about whom I have already blogged, said:

We have somehow accepted the assumption that creativity and suffering are necessarily linked
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