Business performance improvement

Business reviews | Internal and external research | Process review and redesign | Business improvement and change planning and management

Business reviews

Carrying out reviews of the operational health of the client organisation. Depending what has prompted the review, this can take a number of different forms, individually or in combination:

  • Informal discussions and interviews with key people
  • Structured interviews with key people
  • Observation and/or facilitation of key teams in operation
  • Informal/light-weight or formal organisational assessments – the shape and style of assessment depends on the issues being addressed


Internal and external research

Drawing together learning from within and/or outside the client organisation on a particular topic. This typically takes the following steps:

  • Orientation – discussion with the client to get to grips with the presenting issue and the scope of research needed
  • Background research – exploring research sources and potential interviewees
  • Data gathering – typically through structured interviews and desk research
  • Analysis and reporting – drawing out, documenting and presenting findings and recommendations


Process review and redesign

Getting to grips with problem processes. I either work directly with your process owners and managers or facilitate teams to:

  • Identify the process and its boundaries, ownership and involvement
  • Map the various versions of the process that are in use
  • Define the principles that will underpin the redesign
  • Explore constraints and options
  • Map the new process
  • Develop action plans to implement it


Business improvement and change planning and management

Launching and supporting business improvement projects at all stages. Activities can include:

  • Carrying out organisational assessments to see where improvement is most needed and will have greatest effect
  • Building the case for change
  • Developing improvement plans
  • Training, coaching and mentoring internal change teams
  • Reviewing improvement and change plans to see that they are realistic, well focused, adequately resourced and well managed
  • Testing and reviewing progress through the transition


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