The benefits of working with me

I start with the end in mind

You’d be amazed how much easier it can be to achieve what you want when you’ve articulated what that is first. Excuse my moment of discomfort here – I’m not a big fan of goals. But this is different. It’s about focusing our attention on what you want to achieve, and, just as importantly, why you want to achieve it.

I build capability, not dependence

It would be counter to my personal values to do anything else.

I create simplicity in a complex world

I bring a particular clarity of thought to my clients. Partly this derives from having spent most of my life looking at so many organisations, but in part it is an innate ability, and relates, I believe, to my mathematical background. I have a natural affinity for patterns. This helps me to articulate what I see in terms of simple models and constructs.

I have a very sensitive nose for organisational politics. It’s all very well looking at how things are supposed to work, but it helps hugely to see what actually makes things happen. Once the undeclared processes are apparent to you, you have the freedom and the power to work with them.

I bring extensive knowledge and experience

My client base is varied in size, type and character. My work has always been very diverse, and that makes me a useful resource for you. There’s a tremendous amount of learning to be had from people with a different experience to yours. The broad range of my experience helps to show up options that might not normally be visible.

I provide a bespoke service

At Goldsmith Consulting we don’t go in for boiler plate approaches. My approach will always be tailor made to fit your specific issues and needs.

We may need to take into account specific resourcing issues or other organisational constraints. Or it may be that there are certain outcomes that you would like to achieve as a by-product of our work together. By tailor making the approach, we can design what we do around any constraints and design in the desired outcomes. Sometimes existing products fit the bill, but even when there is an established product at the core, we can be flexible in how we use it so that it is made truly fit for purpose.

I create lasting impact

My clients tell me that my work lasts. By focusing on building your capability and your confidence, and leaving you with a clear perspective on your organisation, I create a lasting impact.

And if it’s not me…

To paraphrase the joke, there are some things I just won’t do. Over the years, though, I have built up a fantastic network of friends and colleagues with very diverse skills. Where appropriate, for example if the scale of the project calls for it, or specific skills are needed, I work in alliance with them. If a client of mine is looking for expertise in a particular area that I don’t have, I am always happy to refer a colleague. I will only ever refer people who I know have appropriate expertise.

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