More about me

I get terrifically excited about new ideas and new possibilities. I believe in sharing ideas freely – other people’s good ideas stimulate us to see new opportunities. Ideas breed. I particularly enjoy taking ideas from unusual or unlikely sources, and seeing what illumination they create. It’s so exciting when we open an entirely new door.

I tend to be a big picture person, good at spotting the context, and rising above a situation to see what is influencing it. Through my experience of working with a huge range of organisations, I’ve developed an acute nose for organisational politics, the visible and the undercurrents. You are trying to operate levers to make things happen, which is difficult when you can’t see the wood for the trees. I help you see what is really happening, what systems are at play, and what the dynamics of them are.

Maybe it’s because I was originally a mathematician that I’m good at seeing patterns. This helps me to see how things can be arranged to make everyone’s lives easier. Most activities are over-complex, and the complexity serves little useful purpose. In my ideal organisation, there’s plenty of time and energy for people to be creative and to move the organisation forward, because the routine stuff is no sweat.

I’m also a good communicator, articulate, good at pitching the conversation to the right level for whoever I am talking to. I tend to check that people really have understood, and that they have the ideas on board. Apart from anything else, you can’t get into a good conversation when you’re at different wavelengths.

I don’t like to build a dependency on me. You are the experts in your organisation. My aim is to help you move forward with confidence under your own steam. This in particular is where coaching comes in. As you take action, I am there to support you, to monitor your progress and to help you tune your actions. And as you gain in confidence, I step away and leave you to it.

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