Stakeholder assessment

Stakeholder reviews | Stakeholder studies

Stakeholder reviews

High level stakeholder analysis, identifying the different stakeholder groups and the nature and health of the relationships between the organisation and its stakeholders.

  • Exploring the ways in which the different relationships are developed and managed.
  • Identifying any misalignments in the fit between the organisation’s relationship management approaches and the different stakeholder groups.
  • Developing plans to improve and supporting their implementation
  • Establishing effective relationship management at an appropriate cost with each stakeholder group


Stakeholder studies

In-depth analysis of a particular stakeholder group to establish:

  • Their perceptions of the organisation
  • The key factors influencing their perceptions
  • The impact these have on their behaviour and actions
  • How any issues arising from this can best be resolved
  • A realistic plan of action
  • Follow-through to ensure that progress is made and that the actions remain focused on the important issues


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