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Coaching is essentially a process of self-development. By working with a coach, clients gain access to and understanding of their own power, knowledge and resources to develop and follow their own path. Coaching builds confidence. As coach, I help my clients to identify clear aims and objectives, and to mobilise the resources to achieve them. My aim is to help my clients to achieve their desired outcomes. Their coaching relationship with me is safe and confidential.

Through coaching, my clients improve the alignment between their core values and their actions. This puts their actions in tune with the characteristics they prize most highly, that honour who they are. This is a highly fulfilling place for people to be, and enables them to take action with passion, and to achieve spectacular results.

Individual executive coaching

Working with senior individuals within an organisation. Coaching is of particular value to senior executives because it makes the most effective use of their time, and focuses directly on their needs. Executives are highly time-constrained, and coaching is relatively easy to fit into their diaries. Since it is one-on-one, the session is entirely focused on their needs. Typical areas for coaching are:

  • supporting the induction of senior people into more senior or different roles – supporting new appointees while they get to know what is expected of them and where they want to go with it, what their team is like and where they want to take them, helping them to get up and running really fast, which pays large dividends for the organisation
  • accelerating the personal development of people identified as high potential – supporting clients to understand the organisation’s expectations of them and challenge any perceptions they hold that could limit what they achieve
  • underpinning effective change implementation through supporting key individuals – working with a coach can be a critical success factor in helping an executive to evaluate progress and to recognise and act on the steps that are required to make change sustainable
  • acting as a sounding board or critical friend to a senior individual – providing the combination of safety and challenge that allows senior executives to explore ideas, test out thinking and develop robust plans
  • supporting senior individuals in personal effectiveness programmes such as 360° appraisal or development centres – supporting clients in gaining a clear picture of their abilities, and building and following through a plan to develop necessary skills
  • retaining key staff –as a sign of recognition of their worth, and to support restless executives to work out options for change and development within the organisation


Team coaching

Working with a team, usually as individuals and collectively, to resolve issues and increase their effectiveness. Situations in which teams can benefit significantly from coaching include:

  • ineffective teams – common factors include lack of trust between team members, lack of clarity about roles and turf issues
  • newly formed teams – helping them through the phases of team evolution (form – storm – norm – perform, as identified in the Tuckman model)
  • teams undergoing major transition – major changes produce pressures that can damage team performance and can require a refocus and realignment of roles
  • teams needing to align around their strategy and reinvent themselves – either because the team has lost direction or as a result of significant changes of direction in the organisation
  • integrating two teams – coaching will help the new team to establish a new joint identity and sense of purpose


Coaching skills programme

Developing, delivering and supporting internal coaching programmes. I develop and run programmes to support internal coaching programmes. This can include:

  • training line managers in the appropriate use of coaching techniques with their direct reports
  • training and developing cohorts of coaches to deliver internal coaching
  • mentoring internal coaches to support them and to ensure that the aims of the coaching programme are being achieved


Private coaching

Working with private coaching clients. As a private coach I am employed directly by my client rather than by their employer. Our coaching may still focus on my client’s work situation and working relationships. However private coaching establishes a relationship that is entirely independent, and is isolated from any possible organisational agendas or pressures.


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