A shift in thinking

The definition of insanity is to do the same thing today as you did yesterday and expect a different result tomorrow. By that definition we are all insane. We are creatures of habit, of established patterns. Where there aren’t patterns, we quickly create them. We can’t help it, poor dears, we’re wired that way.

If we’re going to make things different, to fix what ails us and our working environments, we have to break out of the patterns that are holding us back. That’s virtually impossible when we can’t even see what they are.

This shift in thinking, the ability to see things from new angles, is something very close to my heart. It can be stimulated in many ways. The broader our life experience, and the more prepared we are to draw from the craziest sources and not feel precious about doing things in some perceived right way, the more capable we are of creating our own shifts in thinking.

The notes and documents that I will be putting here are all intended, in big or small ways, to shift your thinking. I hope that you will find them intriguing, that they will pique your curiosity. To be kept regularly but not too frequently updated on new arrivals, please sign up for Issues.

I welcome your feedback and any suggestions or questions you have that will prompt future shifts.

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