The distinctive organisation

The Distinctive Organisation is an organisation that really knows itself, that recognises and celebrates all of its strangenesses, and through them achieves fantastic results. Distinctive organisations are fun and energising to work in – a much better choice for all of us than sticking with the bland. Developing a distinctive organisation is a three stage thing.

It starts with a shift in thinking. You can’t conceive what’s possible while you are stuck in your current experience. The shift in thinking helps us to see things from different angles, opens our minds out of the established patterns, and makes us more able to consider what could be.

Then comes the heart of the work, designing the distinctive organisation. I use a range of tools and techniques to support my clients, always starting with the end in mind. This can be big stuff, but I don’t believe in making it any harder work than it needs to be. If the work has no joy in it, the results are not usually up to much.

If you leave it there, some of the value tends to be lost. Change decays over time, and people are always very ready to return to old patterns. That is why strategies for sustainability are critical. They help to secure enduring change the easy way – making it simply natural for people to build new, distinctive patterns of behaviour.

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