Reading list

Welcome to my entirely partial reading list. The books here are those that I have found particularly enlightening and exciting. Without exception they have opened up new lines of thought and new possibilities.

The books in this reading list are grouped into categories. To go direct to the category you’re interested in, click on its title below. The categories are:


Old Standards

Blog news

I have been trying to get my blog going for the longest time. It was sitting there in the middle of the Guilty section of my to-do list, and not getting any nearer the top – always important but never urgent. Well, finally it saw the light of day. Have a look at it here, and you will see that, like most other attempted bloggers, I have struggled and largely failed to post to it often enough. So it is going through a revamp. This blog was designed to mirror my website, and that seems to cramp my writing style. So watch out for the new blog, and we’ll see how much effect design has on its use.


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