Thinking differently

Seeing past the established patterns in the organisation to develop new insights into how things can work most effectively

People inside organisations are constrained by history, routine and industry practice to see things the way they have always seen them. It is very difficult without some external impetus to see what can usefully be questioned and how things could be. And yet these same people are the experts in their own business. It is wrong to think that external wisdom and wizardry has all the answers. What is needed is to remove unnecessary constraints to people’s thinking and unblock the creativity within the organisation.

I am an expert in how organisations work and not an expert in your business. My role is to cause my clients to think differently about the way their organisations work and about the constraints and opportunities they face. I bring in examples of approaches (good and bad) used elsewhere to see what light they cast for you. I use a mix of exploration, questioning and discussion to open up interesting insights.

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