Supplier relationships

Getting to know your key suppliers and selecting, mobilising and working with them and their supply chain to secure their best contribution to achieving your objectives

For major procurements, where you and your chosen supplier will be working closely together for a considerable time, it is important to understand more about the potential suppliers than simply the job at hand. You need to know what the supplier will be like to work with. Potentially, a number of your employees will end up working for them, and the transition will be greatly eased if they and you have confidence that this is a good move.

My work with my clients and their suppliers aims at developing purposeful, collaborative relationships between them. It includes:

  • Designing, developing and implementing processes to assess the attitudes and capabilities of potential and actual suppliers. The specific focus and structure of each assessment process is tailored to fit my client’s needs, both in content and in scale.
  • Exploring the health of the relationships between my clients and their key suppliers, how they interact and how they collaborate, and identifying how the relationships can best be improved.
  • Exploring how my clients influence the performance of their whole supply chain through their relationships with their tier 1 suppliers.
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