Organisational dysfunction

Unpicking the layers of structure, culture, history and subtext to find where the issues really lie, and to identify your best points of leverage to tackle them

There are many symptoms of organisational dysfunction. They include:

  • doing all the right things, but not necessarily getting the right results
  • having great people, and yet under-performing
  • struggling with the tangled mess of influences and controls on your organisation (especially in the public sector)
  • achieving too little for the amount of effort that is going in
  • achieving success despite what you do rather than because of it
  • simply feeling that something is in the way, something missing

In my work, I listen hard to the issues as seen and experienced from all the relevant perspectives. I explore how things are really working. I unpick what really needs to change, ensuring that the important things are protected. I work with my clients to redesign where necessary to tackle the areas of dysfunction. I establish control points that will enable my clients to follow the changes through and ensure that they stick.

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