Employee engagement

Identifying the frustrations, constraints, breakdowns in communication that sap employees’ energy and enjoyment of their work and prevent them from contributing fully to the business

It’s a cliché that employees are an organisation’s most precious resource. That’s underplaying it. An organisation is its employees. There’s really nothing else that matters. There is plenty of evidence that shows direct correlation between employee engagement and organisational health. And yet many organisations pay lip service to it, or seem frozen like rabbits in the headlights, unable to take meaningful steps to address it.

My approach is to:

  • spend time with employees and find out what they really think about their organisation,
  • uncover the major impacts and influencers on them,
  • identify how these can best be addressed and develop plans to make those changes,
  • monitor and review to ensure that the impacts on employees remain the key focus as the changes progress
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