Case Studies

Customer perceptions study – improving service delivery:  generating real insight into the health of the customer relationship
Developing supplier assessment to focus on mission-critical issues:  designing a process with ambitious scope that fit the delivery constraints
Supplier development – building and demonstrating alliancing capability:  focusing my clients pragmatically on demonstrating the capabilities the scrutineers wanted to see
Coaching a new leader to hit the ground running:  creating the right environment for my client to get to grips with the organisation and develop robust plans
Developing the supplier capability assessment process:  tuning into competing stakeholder agendas to create a process that could deliver more and more value
Organisation-wide customer service review and redesign:  provoking ideas and mobilising the client team to tackle organisational politics and agendas
Assessing supplier capability:  focusing my team on getting to the essence of the assessment, then feeding that back compellingly

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