About Goldsmith Consulting

Goldsmith Consulting was formed in 1994 by Hilary Goldsmith. Goldsmith Consulting is Hilary Goldsmith, so if you contract Goldsmith Consulting, you will get Hilary. Where appropriate, either to access specific skills or for reasons of scale, Hilary brings in colleagues whose work she respects to work alongside her.

Goldsmith Consulting works mainly with large organisations (or departments within large organisations) to identify and address areas of dysfunction. Typically, Hilary works with senior individuals and/or leadership teams to identify constraints on organisational performance, to decide how they can most effectively be addressed, and to retain focus and accountability while changes are implemented.

Her style of consulting is facilitative, which means you mostly end up doing the actual work. However this is the best way for you to develop and retain the skills you need. Hilary always looks for opportunities to transfer skills into her client organisations, seeking always to leave them fitter than they were before, and more able to address issues for themselves in the future.

The company is based in Cambridge and London, with clients across the UK and beyond.

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