Goldsmith Consulting

Working with leaders and teams to help them get a perspective on their organisations, diagnose constraints on performance and support them through the transition. I call this provoking change.

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My focus:

I support business leaders in large organisations who want them to be distinctive. The services I provide are always bespoke. They include straightforward consultancy, organisational assessment, training and skills transfer, facilitation, leadership coaching and development.

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My philosophy:

I love working in complicated, multi-faceted, often highly political situations. I bring  a balance of reality and imagination. My skill is to tease apart complex, messy webs of issues, pin down what really needs to be done and how it can best be achieved, and enthuse and energise you to get it done.

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I provoke change:

  • Challenging perspectives and orthodox thinking
  • Getting to grips with what stakeholders really think
  • Telling you honestly
  • Identifying how leverage can best make powerful change
  • Engaging your confidence to make things change

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